Our Business Development.
Since its founding, we have achieved a stable business development focused on long-term success. We aim to continue growing organically with personnel and financial stability. To achieve this, we will continue to hire experienced IT consultants.

How We Operate.
We predominantly employ highly experienced IT specialists and software developers, working primarily on a project-oriented basis. This means we take on the conception and implementation of large IT systems for our clients.

What We Expect from You.
In addition to project experience, we expect state-of-the-art knowledge of the relevant technologies in your domain. This enables us to develop and implement the best solutions for our clients. Industry knowledge is important to us.

Career Opportunities.
We expect a lot from our applicants but, in return, offer interesting and forward-looking tasks that provide opportunities to gain valuable knowledge and experience. With a streamlined structure, we recognize exceptional performance generously and invest in the ongoing development of our employees.